meeting the big shark and the 6 vesicles day

ouch ouch ouch... 6 vesicles and pain in the muscles is the result of yesterday. I walked up to the lighthouse towards dawn. A lovely view in the sunset! It was worth it I guess.... or was it? Anyhow now I can tick off to have been to the most easterly point of Australia.

This morning I went for a dive. First a quick fresh up in the pool and then hop away to go and meet mister shark!

And here he is! gray nurse shark. I dont know how big he was but at least bigger than me. Sooo cool. Of course we saw a lot of other things but I dont remember anything of it. I have only mister shark in my head and my heart now (sorry Johan...;) )
Do you know, Chiara, that your sister works as a diving instructor in Byron bay?

Australians... do they naturally have bigger and more wellshaped breasts than europeans??? Or is just plastic surgery less expensive here? Just a question. And do they dress like british or americans or a mix? I guess I would have to go to america to find out... that is a GOOD reason. At least fysically they are quite brittish, just a bit wider and tanned. Food... nope that will have to be tomorrow. Now I am off for dinner! hej hopp!


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