GHB and the bed

Hi Louise & Malin,
Shall we meet in "Le Bed" for a drink on Thursday
evening... i've been there once and i liked.. it's
in the Mad building.. on the 2nd floor.. entrance is
at the back side.. you will see a big sign "Le Bed".


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From: malin ovesson
To: M Leunissen; Louise Gunnarsson
Subject: SV: drink Thursday
I am not sure I want to meet the two of you in bed....

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Från: Louise Gunnarsson
Ämne: RE: drink Thursday
Till: "malin ovesson", "M Leunissen" I'm not sure
either...  but should we try it out anyway tomorrow?
Maybe we'll like it:)

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From: malin ovesson
To: M Leunissen; Louise Gunnarsson
Subject: SV: drink Thursday

the worst is, Mark says he has been there once before AND that he liked it.... GHB? Rohypnol? At least I dont remember anything of it...


aggressiva apor eller hänsynslösa människor?

Den här artikeln beskriver apor som aggressiva. Vad dom däremot inte skriver om är hur dom blev sa aggressiva. De aldra flesta djur är av naturen inte aggressiva. De aldra flesta djur attackerar endast om man pa nagot sätt stör dom i DERAS omgivning eller hotar dom. Människor har matat dessa apor fran bilar, trots att det är förbjudet. Detta bidrar naturligtvis till att aporna närmar sig bilarna för att fa mat. Eftersom aporna är vilda sa ser dom till att fa tillgang till "sin" mat pa "sitt" sätt. Det finns 2 lösningar pa detta "problem". Att människorna slutar komma till platser där aporna finns, eller att döda aporna. Vi vet alla vilken av lösningarna som kommer att användas.

Snälla, mata ALDRIG vilda djur. Det leder bara till dess undergang. Denna tillfälliga personliga tillfredsställelse att se de vilda djuren pa nära hall leder bara till att djuren kommer att behöva skjutas och vi andra inte kommer att kunna se dom i framtiden. Detta gäller all matning av djur, i nationalparker, hajmatning etc.

beeing home, my new job and continuing my blogg????

home sweet home. What are the good things beeing home? My sweet cats of course. My 2 small kärlekstussar full of cuddles. Porrige, absolutely. Not having to dress to go to the toilet when waking up at night. The freshness in the november swiss air.... skiing (well, when the snow arrives)... I guess it is a bit depressive to come back here from Australia... have sort of a sad feeling... guess it will soon dissapear. Travel hangover????

BUT, I have something nice to look forward to! I got a new job. Communication & Interior design manager for the new Geneva store. Same thing actually that I do now but I get to do everything from scratch. Hire my own team, build the actual store, store routines, strategys and so on. I will start mid January  so I guess I will know a bit more soon. Exited! I will have my office across the road to where I work now until we get access to the new locations in Geneva around june.
I guess we should move to Geneva... I am not very exited about that though... but of course it does not make sense for 2 people to commute every day from Lausanne to Geneva (I guess I have to admit that Johan is right about that). But hell, Geneva is much more expensive and less good!!!! no value for money really... so what do I do???? any tips??? Well, if you happen to have a super nice, fairly central flat, that does not cost much, let me know!!!

Actually I created this blogg to keep you updated of our travels... what do I do now beeing back??? I was never thinking about that when I created it... I guess I could transfer my travel blogg to a Johan blogg... when I blogged about him was the day when I had the most hits... weird? Or maybe to a blogg about management or homefurnishing? a blogg about my lovely friends? or maybe just about me and my weird mind and average life? I dont know... feel free to give me some tips about what you would like to read about. I guess I will try to write as loong as some people wants to read.
If you wish to get an allert to your mail when I have blogged you can do it on this link:
where it says RSS put:
and were it says email put your own email.

Bloggdesign is a mistery... I would like to change so much, put pictures and stuff! I vote for that bloggsites should be made for people and not for computermaniacfreaks!

Yesterday Johan arranged a surprise party for me. Well, it was not much of a surprise because my good friend Louise informed me on friday. Thats what I call a good friend! Then I would not have to be there with my hair in a mess and in my mysbyxor with 13 people suddenly showing up. And Johan was happy cos then he got help with shopping and preparation. ;)
Anyhow, a nice evening with some good friends, Johans pizza and my wonderful coctails that noone wanted to drink. Now you have to come again to drink it!
THANK YOU GUYS FOR COMING! Love you! And thanks for the present! A rope. Just what I needed!

And from my sweet boyfriend I got half a macbook (as a combined christmas present)!!! Hope I can order it today! :D I imagine it will look like this:

I am exited! Sooo need a new computer and Macs seems to be great! Anyone who has some good programs? I guess I will need at least the office package and some aditional nice stuff like photoshop, indesign ect. let me know!

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