lazy day on magnetic island and the great barrier reef

19 november. Elisabeth day. Happy nameday mum!

Today I spent the whole day under a tree by the pool. A short swim every now and then, reading my book,philosophizing and in between a bit of slumbering. Niiiiiiice.... that is holidays. Today was also the first time in 2 1/2 weeks that me and Jo spent more than 15 minutes separated. Johan went for a 2 hours "bush walk" where he could cuddle koalas, parrots, snakes lizards, crocs etc. That was enough time that I would miss him. Scary development... I mean, when I get home my days at work will be a lot longer than that... :O
the pool by the backpackers:  magnetic island:          the koala:                                                     

Johans wildlife tour:

In the evening before we would take the nightbus to cairns we tried to kill a couple of hours in Townsville. WOW... THAT seemed to be a real hill billy town. Thursday, a lot of nightlife and guys that drunk so that they could not even get in to the places at 22.30. Girls in mini skirts and highheels looking like they would "go to work" and actually not go for a drink.

20 november. Today we took a boat that took us out to the outer great barrier reef for some more diving and snorkelling. Nice. Of course these dives could not live up to the Yongala dive but anyhow it was a really nice day we spent out there. Fuckin hell... we have dived on the great barrier reef!!!! the biggest reef in the world!!! cool hey?

Postat av: kristina

Man har svårt att förstå hur skönt det kan vara i sol vatten och fantastiska vyer. Här bara regnar det och är grått, grått, gråååååååttttt...

Sol 4 tim i november i Stockholm. Skulle nog behöva uppsöka solkafé.

Tänk att ni sett en koala på nära håll. De måste vara underbart söta.

Har aldrig längtat efter att dyka förän nu när ni beskriver hur fint det är bland alla fiskar och vrak mm.

2009-11-20 @ 13:09:07

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