jo's arrival and Australian zoo

So Jo has arrived. :D And he did find his way out here to Noosa although he had to pay for the trip twice, a punishment for not following his girls advice... So yesterday I spent the day tying to keep him awake. Speaking, telling stories, taking a walk... I managed until 21.00 then he was out for 12 hours. But hey, not bad.

Today we took a walk in town and went to the beach surfing. Well, Johan was brave and tried to and I.... nja either I can blame the big waves or just admit that I am a chicken. So, no surf for me... next time I will just have to take a class, then I have no choice...

Saturday I went to the Australian zoo. There you can see all the australian animals and more. Crocodiles, koalas, otters, tasmanian devils, wombats, all types of snakes and birds, elephants and tigers etc. I spent 6 hours there studying the animals. They are doing a great job to save the animals on earth. Do a donation for the good sake. Fantastico! The tigers behaved JUST like Dayo and Indi, just in super mega size. I SO WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!! Tigertrainer would be my dream job... can I put that in my development plan???? IKEA ZOO .... Ingvar, I have a new business oportunity for you!

otters, Harriet the huge, snakes.... some animals are more cuddely than others... scary to know that these guys are out there wild... But the green one is really not as venemous as it seems! It is generally the black, the silver and the brown snakes that are deadly. So I just have to stay away from those...NO WORRIES!

And my future collegue:

The really nice backpackers we stayed at:    and a cool tree in noosa national park 6.00

Tomorrow we are off to Hervey bay to see Fraser Island in a 4W drive! :)


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