heading to Noosa Heads

wow, it took one week! one week only until I started to speak to myself. I do like these conversations. Good questions, good answers and extreemly good thoughts and comments. well, I do speak to you from time to time. but hey, no answers no comments! Is anybody out there?

So I spent a day at the gold coast but did not find any gold so I decided to continue up the coast. So I am back again on the bus - again with the gestapo driver. Is he following me? Is he trying to freeze my toes off?
I like to take the bus. It really makes me feel like I am on the way, even with a gestapo driver... I was told so many times that flying is so much better in australia. I dont agree.

Surfers paradise on the gold coast for sure has an absolutely lovely beach and nice waves for surfing. But thats it. So quickly I decided that next stop is Noosa Heads, where I will go to meet my man on sunday. :)
So today I have spent the afternoon strolling around in Noosa and the beach. Niiiice. I can easily spend some days here... And the hostel is fantastic too:

Tomorrow I will go to the australian zoo... to work on my spider and snake fobia?


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