flying bats and muscle pain

22-23 november. We came back to Melbourne from the great ocean road at nine in the evening. The driver took us directly to the Vegie bar that he recommended. Really nice place. Cheap, all veggie, generous dishes, good service.
The next day when we walked around Melbourne we even went there again to have lunch. It is in a nice area, quite alternative, bohemian or vintage with a lot of cool bars, restaurants and shops. Really miss this in Switzerland... the whole monday we walked around Melboune for hours and hours. Muscle pain! 

Impressions from Melbourne:


24 november. Sydney. Rain. Took a very lazy morning. Then we walked and walked and walked and walked... probably more than 10 kilometers again. Ouch! Pain... but probably good for the health... We walked around town, the botanic gardens where we saw really cool flying foxes hanging like fruits in the trees:


nuts nuts nuts, food food food, ice cream ice cream ice cream.... jeeeeezzzz, he never stops screaming for food... (not the bats, Johan). Any bets for how long it will take until he has his beer stomach???? 

And tomorrow we are going to se a balet in this place:

Thanks mum and dad for the birthday money! Now I can go to see this performance! :)

Postat av: Kerstin Ovesson

Bra Malin. Hoppas det är bra och att ni får trevligt !!

2009-11-24 @ 21:21:07

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