war in germany? ... and venemous snails and the great ocean road

20 november. In the evening after the dives we went to town to eat. We found a beautiful Balinese restaurant with fantastic food. The best food I have hade here in australia. Bay village it was called. yummy!

Cairns is quite a cute and clean town it seems and so far the only town we have seen which has kept some of the old collonial buildings and houses.

Tree in the city Crown Hotel Cairns Typical Aussie House

22 november. Birthday. Great Ocean Road. Rain... It rained as much in one day as it does during one whole average month of november in Melburne. Well, the good thing is that I got to use my jacket that I have carried around for almost 3 weeks. The bad thing is, I could as well have gone to sweden...
An other good thing is that my boyfriend remembered to say happy birthday (after reminding him several times the past week, last time yesterday when he assumed that we should cook dinner in the backpackers this evening!!!) The bad thing is, this is the 3d year when he forgot to organize a birthday present or anything else. Well I will make him invite me for dinner this evening at least... somehow...  Kristina and Janne, did you never celebrate any birthdays in your family or is he just born like that???

So, the Great ocean road tour started with a visit to Bells Beach. Jenny, what are you on about? Bells beach was just a bay with some sand... But maybe with some sand and wellbuilt surfers it would look different? In fact, talking about surfers, they dont look like the ones I have seen on pictures. Total dissapointment... Hey aussie guys - shape up!

After several stops by beautiful view points completely covered in mist and rainclouds we got to a rainforest. Took a little walk and then back to the bus. Now this forrest has the worlds only venemous snails and the only cure is to burn the flesh after touching one!!! yyyaaaauuuck! After beeing 10 min on the bus a girl notices 2 of these on her flipflops. Scary things. Black, around 2 cm stretched out and 5 mm thick. We finally managed to get them into a bottle. Phew...
After we went to see some wild koalas. Well, wild... they sleep 22 hours/day so they dont look especially wild.... but they are sertainly cute. The kangaroos were jumping around on the fields like the deers would on the fields in skane. 


Then we went to see the 12 apostels and london bridge. Absolutelly spectacular views! Unfortuanatelly the timemanagement of the tour (go west) was not very good so the time was too short. We took an additional option to see it from a helicopter (johan got his dosis of flying and some ideas about taking commercial flight certificat or helicopter certificat!!!) Great views!!! Can absolutely recomend to do that. But if you are going to see the great ocean road, rent your own car.

Great Ocean Roadhttp://www.australiaimages.net/Australia-beach-great-ocean-road-Aschaf.jpg

Could anyone tell me what is going on in Germany? 3d world war? Nuclear powerplant leakage? ... something serious it must be because half of germany seems to be in Australia... well, anyhow, who wants to be in germany when u can be in Australia...

During the trip here in australia I never experienced good toilet paper. To be honest it has been crap! Is that due to bad sewerage system or do the aussies just dont know how to make paper?????


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