Curing a cold in Airlie beach

So we have spent 2 days in Airlie Beach waiting for the sailing tour which is starting tomorrow and we are coming back on tuesday. This is what we will se:                                            On this boat:

YYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will that be soooo great??????

I got a cold yesterday and have a bad throat pain and yesterday a bit of sinus problem... I sooo hope that it will disappear for tomorrow so that I can dive...

And yes, I did have some australian food! Tastless, unhealthy and overboiled... they seem to put a lot of ketchup and other stuff on it to make it taste something. Nope, I will stick to the asian food and the m & Jo's kitchen. Tonight sushi. Yes, I can not have too much sushi...
I have heard so much of the famous australian barbeque. I can tell you m & Jo's barby by lac leman is much better. Often they seem to do the barbeque on parkingspots. How great is that????? 

What does a backpacker look like???? Give me some hints and I'll give you the answers on my next blogg. :) Looking forward to that! Just as a first hint... they usually carry backpacks...

skepp o'hoj!


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