coming back from paradise

It's 21.00 and I am sitting on the nightbus from Hervey bay to Airlie beach. We have had 2 beautiful days on Fraser Island.  We did some nice trecks in the rainforest (fraser has 4 different eco-systems) and an other one passing a huge sanddune leading down to a green lake - lake wabby where we went for a swim together with the catfish.

Sunrise at Fraser Island with wild dingos:

Next day we went to indian heads, a nice viewpoint from where we could see huge schools of dolphins, sharks, mantas, stingrays and other types of fish. We visited the wreck of Mahino which stranded on the island 1935:
  The Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

We went for a swim in Eli's creek, a river of only rainwater:

In the afternoon of the second day, our last stop, was lake Mc Kenzie with beautiful white sandy beaches. Like in paradise!

File:Fraser Island a06 lake mckenzie.jpg   

The island is world heritage marked by UNESCO an is the worlds largest sand island. It has huge fantastic sandy beaches and NO roads so 4WD is the only option. The rides are quite bumpy but puts you nicely asleep like a baby. :)
Tourism Queensland 
We took over 200 pictures. There has been some requests for that. It will come! ... when we get home. Until then use google pictures. :) Now sailing on withsundays is on the timeschedule! :)


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