Bondi, ballet and home....

Spent the day in Bondi. A beach packed with people. Bondi is not a special beach. Really. Only that it is there where the hot australian surfers are hiding.... but I will anyhow take the best one home with me tomorrow...


This evening we went to the Opera house to see this ballet, The Condor. 3 completelly different plays. Really nice! I must say, what would Sydney be without its Opera house???? Not much I guess. And this the australians can thank a dane for!
Some pics from the 3 different plays:


Tomorrow at eight we fly out from Sydney. Home in lausanne by midnight local time... :( There are so many more things to see in Australia!!!!!! But to be honest I am looking forward to the flight. It is so nice to just sit there and watch nice films and beeing fed from time to time... :D

Thank you Collin for lending us your flat. And thank you Helena and Jono for your hospitality. Well appriciated.

Sunset over Afghanistan:


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