birdattack, wreckdive and withsundays.

wow, now I have so much to write about that I dont even know where to start...

We spent 2 days and 2 nights on a katamaran sailing trip. We had some nice dives. Johan 4 and me 2 due to the really ugly cold that I got (why on my vacation?????) we went snorkelling and to the withhaven beach where we took some beautiful and very funny pictures. Sorry that you will have to be patient with that...  The sand is made of silica and was used for the Hubble telescope. The staff and the boat (Wings 3) was great. Can highly recommend it if you would pass by Airlie by any chance...

Johan enjoying himself:

Pocket size girlfriend:


Yesterday we came to magnetic Island in the evening. This place is full of animals. On our way to the hostel there was a koala crossing the road with her little baby on her back and the kangaroos were jumping around next to the road. The possums  are eating from our hands on our bungalow and the birds, bats and what ever else it could be are keeping Johan terrified awake at night. There was also a bird who wanted to share the shower with me today. I guess he was slightly more scared than me. He flew around, I crouched down and he landed next to me with his whole wing lenghs covering most of the shower floor. He managed to squeeze under the door but came back once more before he managed to get out of the bathroom finally. Poor thing...

The possums:              The bird in the shower:  The pool and the backpacker:
Johans wildlife tour:
Today we made 2 fantastic dives on the yongala wreck which sank 1911 together with 122 people. Today it is a fantastic aquarium.with huge turtles, seasnakes (apparantly the most poisonous snakes in the world), sharks and huge schools of trevellis, groupers and soooo many other fish. Such a nice dive! One of the top divesites in the world apparantly.

Blogging about Johan I noticed that it payed off. Double as many hits as on a normal blogg about our trip.... Hm... I guess that I should add a little chapter only for this subject. Johan beleives he has a broken ribb. His ears are full of wax. Despite his hypocondric side he is a great dive and travelbuddy!

Postat av: Kerstin Ovesson

Låter som om ni haft helt fantastiska dagar out there !! Ser framemot alla foton. Men käraste Malin hur är det med förkylningen ??? Vilken otur. Bättrar den sig?? Har du provat cognac ? Det rensar bra när man andas in ångorna sägs det.(Fast inte före dyk naturligtvis)

Kramar från familjen!

2009-11-18 @ 21:34:52

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