ovenissans yummydummy potatoe gratain

This gratain will for sure make you yuuuuuuuummmmmma.

cut ca 6-7 potatoes in slices.
Boil for ca 5-10 minutes in salted water (to limit the time in the oven)

Make a mushroom soup according to the recipes but only take half the water as recomended.
When ready add 1 dl cream and ca 1-2 dl soy milk (or normal milk), half a vegetable stock cube, salt and pepper.
Stir and let boil for a couple of minutes.

alternate potatoes, 1 sliced union, a handfull of spinach, 50g of kidneybeans, gorgonzola and the sauce in a ungsfast form. Make sure that it is really creamy, if needed add cream or soymilk. Top up with loads of grated cheese. Pick something yummy as gruyere or other tasty cheese. 

Put in oven for 30-45 min. 225 degrees.

If you need to think about the blood value or need to diet the cream can be exchanged for the soymilk or milk. But the gratain will of course be sliiiiiightly less yummy.

Eat with a green salad.



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