some words about Jo

I have a request from Jo's sweet mum to write more about Johan... of course I can do that. Apart from that we do the same things. We actually spend 24 hours together. the only time we spend separate is on the toilet more or less... But anyhow, here is some updates specifically about Jo:
Johan wants to eat the whole time. Eat eat eat... a beer stomach is nothing you get, it is something you deserve. Really, Johan deserves one and in a few years he will for sure have one. Nuts, nuts, nuts, icecream, icecream, icecream, smoothie, smoothie, smoothie....
Jo was also out running yesterday evening. This I would never do. He made a trample error (is that how you say trampa fel in english?) so he is complaining a bit now and is worried that he will not be able to dive with fins (how will you then dive?).  He also has some pain in his ribbs after his surfing trials and of course some caughs and so. We are really a crippled couple aren't we?
Johan was also up this morning to do the laundry. Is he not a dream man so say?????

And here he is, dreaming about diving and sailing.... never been more happy!

I have had some requests for how to make comments on the site. Just below the blogg it says kommentarer. Just click on that and you will be able to put a comment. They are very welcome! :)

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